Editorial illustration for The New Republic magazine, 2014.

THE TEST OF THE NOVEL - History, imagination, and Auschwitz.
Editorial illustration for The New Republic magazine -100 special anniversary issue- printed on December 2014. This piece was displayed as part of a book review by Cynthia Ozick.
Cynthia Ozick talks about the book The Zone of Interest, Martin Amis's provocatively titled fourteenth novel. Being a fictional novel, it holds historical truth of what happened during the WW2, through the contrast of love affairs and casual comedy moments among the German authorities and the daily death that happened in a Nazi camp. But the story is less about love than it is about the death of the collective souls of virtually everyone involved: "The malefactors, the collaborators, the witnesses, the conspirators, the outright martyrs...and even the minor obstructors. We all discovered, or helplessly revealed, who we were."

Digital illustration, 2014.
Commissioned by The New Republic magazine and Annie Jen. Thanks both of you.